How You Got Here – About

I am thrilled that everyone who uses Mini Modern Paintings knows they are getting a unique, original wall art worthy of the most discerning mini modernistic collector.

Hi, my name is Diane La Fontaine and I am the owner and artist of all the artwork that is represented in Mini Modern Paintings.  My home is beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

Before I created Mini Modern Paintings I was content making a living as a professional artist for many years. Creating art is my life and passion.

Then one day, I imagined how my abstract paintings would look so stylish and fresh in a modern dollhouse. That was really a fun insight. I always wanted to see my art that BIG. I saw how I could accomplish that in a mini world! That idea became my inspiration.

I was concerned that maybe there really wasn’t a need for this specialty niche. But then, I researched and saw all these sophisticated, elegant, designer furnishings influenced by Eames, Jacobson, Pfister, Saarinen. There were many beautiful mini modern homes available to purchase as well. Still, I wondered, where are all the cool paintings to choose from? There seemed to be a limited selection of good, vibrant artworks.

I decided I would set out to create the most stylish, high-end, contemporary, original, modern dollhouse paintings store. It would  specialize in giving maximum impact to the classic, mid-century or minimalist decor. Mini Modern Paintings would be for the most sophisticated, mini modernist collectors in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Creating mini versions of my unique mixed medium on panels, that I make on a large scale, was challenging on a tiny scale. Photographing the paintings in a mini room setting was all about getting it right. We must have taken, what felt like, a million shots! I wanted to make sure you could see how they would give maximum impact to your walls.

While creating the site, I relocated to Maui with my partner. Then, as my site was near completion, I broke my shoulder! Well, I stayed home a lot and that gave me the push to finish this site. I could have never accomplished this without the help and dedication of my site administrator. I am feeling the love and joy from everyone who sees the products. Thank you so much!

To see more of my artwork for your real home, go to my website